Universal Boxing Gym opened in January of 2007, and was born from a lot of hard work and an intense desire not only to teach boxing, but to help make a difference in people’s lives. Our boxing program is designed to teach you discipline and self-respect while building confidence and self motivation through recognition of your individual accomplishments in the ring. Relying on virtues of Love, Honor, Respect and Loyalty. UBG’s mission is to educate on the positive life skills and constructive habits that boxing teaches. Discover the ultimate fitness experience that engages both body and mind. The Universal Boxing Gym trainers have extensive experience instructing competitive and non-competitive boxers in the art of Olympic-style and Professional boxing. Training offered for all levels, from beginner to advanced and to all ages.
Boxing and physical fitness are one in the same.  In addition to building body strength, involvement in a boxing training program also improves ones health, both mentally and physically and it will naturally improve ones fighting form.  At Universal Boxing Gym one will find the tools they need to become mentally and physically healthier.


Universal Boxing Gym not only offers the usual boxing amenities like a standard sized ring, heavy bags, speed bags, and double ended bags; but also an array of weights and training tools to make you more fit and develop not only your body but your mind.

For Questions And Info Please Email Us At: ubgnyc@gmail.com

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