Ariel “Fuego” Duran Comes Up Short Against Dimiash Niyazov

Fuego Duran


“In a grudge match, unbeaten lightweight and NYPD officer Dimash Niyazov (8-0-3, 5 KOs) scored a six round unanimous decision over Ariel “Fuego” Duran (8-8-1, 5 KOs). Niyazov dropped Duran with a right hand in round five en route to a 58-55, 59-54, 58-55 verdict.”- Karl Freitag

Their are boxing matches and then their are all of the things that happen before a bout and behind the scenes, but regardless in the ring we will usually always see one man who is better than the other. Tuesday night in front of an excited crowd, Universal Boxing Gym’s Ariel “Fuego” Duran was able to land some great counters and single shots that would’ve dropped most other guys but Dimash Niyazov was able to weather the storm and do just enough to win most rounds. Niyazov displayed great hand speed and was able to knockdown an off balance Duran with a…

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