Alexander Mancera Loses Tough Fight To Rich Neves!


Last night at The Paramount in Huntington UBG’s Alexander Mancera took on Rich Neves over six rounds in a super welterweight bout that featured alot of action and inside fighting as both men went back and forth taking the momentum of the bout. The fight was give and take as both fighters had their moments and eventually closed the show going blow for blow. At the end of the six rounds however the judges tallied scores of 57-57, 59-54, and 59-54 in favor of Rich Neves who wins by majority decision and moves his record to 9-2-2 4 KO’s while Alexdander Mancera drops his record to 8-7-1 5 KO’s in what was a very hard to score close fight. Our hats go off to Neves and we congratulate him on his victory, for Mancera he was quoted on Facebook as saying “Couldn’t do it tonight. For the first time i felt that the body couldn’t even come close to what the mind wanted to do. It was going to be my last fight no matter what but this made the decision easier. I hope my opponent can grow from this win and make some good paydays. He’s a real class act. Truly good dude.” We congratulate Alexander on a good career as he has beat and tested many up and comers during his time and wish him a happy, healthy, retirement from boxing; we’re sure we’ll see him training back at the gym regardless, thank you!

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